Your new Markdown Application!

A web-based markdown editor accessible on any device. Simply sign in with Google and all your files will be synced automatically. Full markdown support, LaTeX, Github syntax highlighting, and much more!Sign In

Intuitive Cloud File System

Create directories or markdown files on the fly. Rename, delete, or drag and drop. It is just like any other file system.

Installable (PWA)

Using the latest Chrome APIs, dotmd is installable as a Progressive Web App (PWA). With just one click, dotmd operates like any other app on your computer.

PDF Export Support

Easily export to a PDF by printing the page. The app will handle formatting for you.

Dark mode

Of course you can't have an editor without dark mode. We didn't forget about it.
just editor

Monaco Editor (VS Code)

The editor is powered by the same editor that runs VS code, use popular keyboard shortcuts, refactoring, etc. All in the cloud!
just preview

Full Markdown Support

Full markdown support! Lists, tables, headings, formatting. Full LaTeX (KaTeX) support and LaTeX font theme available. Full syntax highlighting for source code blocks.